Real security can only be achieved via knowledge, experience, and ability"

 DGP International - PPO #18070

DGP International, provides the most professional and effective private security services available.

As a result of having the best training programs, DGPI is able to select qualified candidates directly from the courses, continue training and place them with our clients. This is the best way to ensure our security services exceed the industry standard. Our pool of vetted personnel are former military special operations, law enforcement and private sector specialists invested in what they do. 

DGPI works hard with our exclusive clients to maintain an above average commitment to customer service. This translates into a better, more effective security program for those who require discreet, professional services. Most of our clients are a result of "referrals" which validates our quality of service.

DGPI offers all levels of private security services for clients all over the world. If you are interested in speaking with a professional security consultant please call us or email our security manager at


DGP International provides both armed and unarmed protective services for corporate clients, entertainers, special threat victims and learning environments. This is not typical security. Our personnel are required to attend regular training and certification courses while employed. This continual training ensures that the personnel protecting you are in the best prepared possible.

No other company provides the same level of "customer service" oriented agents with the dynamic skills required to handle extremely threatening scenarios. This balance of "Service and Safety" is taught from day one at our academy. Bottom line is our agents will remain professional and effective, while securing your interests.


DGPI's uniformed security division adheres to the same "level up" standards as our Executive Agents. All of our agents attend our accredited security academy and receive certifications that exceed the State of California Standards. 

Our security officers are required to pass physical fitness tests, weapons certifications, defensive tactics, force options training, verbal de-escalation and more. A continual training regiment keeps our officers "motivated" to protect in the organizations they work for. "Training demonstrated investment."

If you are looking for more than the "average" guard mill security officer call us today and start an effective program for safety and security. 


DGP International works with several school clients like Pepperdine University, Cal Arts, Harvard Westlake, Viewpoint School, Long Beach University, and over twenty other K-12 school sites to provide safety programs, training, and security personnel. 

The learning environment is very unique and requires a different mindset, which balances "Courtesy and Compliance" in a way that helps teachers, staff, and most importantly students feel safe. We pride ourselves in partnering with school administrators and public safety stakeholders to work towards the common goal of a safe campus.

Now more than ever the mission of securing our nations most precious resource is top priority. 


DGP International provides full service security solutions for private residences. We can install and monitor safe rooms, CCTV systems, landscaping, and construction hardening services. Our affiliate security licensed contractors specialize in "safe room design and construction".

Once we complete a safety and security assessment, our team of experts will provide a plan for you to cover the physical security upgrades, technology and personnel presence on site. All of these offerings are designed to work within any requests or budgetary considerations.

Your home is your castle. Privacy and confidentiality are at the forefront of our services. There is no settling or room for compromise when dealing with your family and loved ones on the home front.


Please fill out the contact form below and a Covered 6 consultant will contact you as soon as possible. We thank you for your interest in our organization and look forward to serving you!